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Foam Filled Aluminum Roll Shutters

Security 44mm Extruded Aluminum Roll

Ultimate 55mm Extruded Aluminum Roll
The Foam Filled Aluminum roll shutters are
composed of a double walled aluminum slat
which is filled with a polyfoam filling for heat and
noise reduction. It is our most popular roll
shutter design, currently being used in
thousands of condominiums, homes and
business statewide.
Security 44mm Extruded Aluminum Roll Shutter
and end retention system provides a compact
roll diameter for smaller housing enclosures.
When closed, the shutters create a physical
barrier from high winds and intruders. They also
protect your furnishings from fading and
damage caused by harmful UV rays of the sun.
Ultimate 55mm Extruded Aluminum Roll Shutter
and End Retention system features extreme
strength from the 55mm reinforced extruded
aluminum slats which meet Miami/Dade County
specifications for Hurricane protection. In
addition to hurricane and storm protection, it is
an excellent security option and theft deterrent.
Options Include:
Manual Operation
Motor Operation
Motor Remote Control Operation
Sun / Wind Sensors
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Roll Shutters are used where security and
protection of your family is a must and ideal for
your home, vacation homes,
storage areas and high theft areas.
Security 44mm Roll Shutter
Ultimate 55mm Roll Shutter
Florida Building Code Approved
Texas Department of Insurance Approved