Astroflex and Astroguard
One of the newest innovations in storm mitigation technology had it's
beginnings in that back yard trampoline we all loved as kids.
Hurricane Fabric screens combines the strength of the flexible fabric
with a patented mounting clip. The result is a storm mitigation envelope
that meets Miami / Dade County hurricane standards.

A storm protection screen made of woven polypropylene fabric that is
deployed over windows, doors, lanais, porches, garages and other
openings. It protects against water, wind, and projectile damage during
a storm. Weighing ounces per square yard makes it lightweight and
manageable. Astroflex attaches to your building with standard building
hardware and our patented mounting clip.
Approved for High Velocity Hurricane Zones by Miami / Dade County

Although similar in design to Astroflex, Astroguard utilizes a fabric for
hurricane protection which is 40% stronger than polypropylene and is
coated with a resin based sealer. Certified for category 5 storms,
Astroguard is 100% UV resistant, blocks 100% of wind and rain, allows
light to pass in and carries a 10 year limited warranty.

Hurricane Fabric storm screens are ideal for protection of large
openings and has been utilized in commercial buildings, restaurants,
parking structures, senior care facilities and private homes throughout
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