Featuring Systems by Corradi USA and ABC Sun Control
Featuring fabrics by Sunbrella, Sattler, Sauleda, Dickson and Ferrari
Retractable Awnings from All Island Rollshutter, LLC allows you to create
living space out of your lanai, yard or pool area.

All awnings are custom built to your specifications and are constructed of
high quality aluminum and stainless steel and are manufactured in the
United States. Most major components are finished with a polyester based
powder coat finish which is baked onto the material. All fasteners, pins and
hardware are stainless steel and aluminum construction, so you will never
see rust.

Hundreds of colors and designs are available in a variety of Fabric
options. Most awning colors are made of 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric
which is coated with a water repellent layer that allows for quick drying and
ease of maintenance. All seams and hems are sewn with a PTFE thread
which is impervious to solar degradation.

Awnings are available in lengths up to 40 feet with projections up to 16 feet.
Although many yards, lanai areas and patios would benefit from a retractable awning,
some applications are less than ideal for installation of the awnings. Our climate in
Hawaii is notorious for unexpected changes in our tradewinds, wind shears and wind
"tunnels" created between man-made structures and natural wind breaks. Remember
that when deploying an awning of 10 foot by 6 foot (as an example) you are in actuality
deploying a 60 square foot "sail" into the air. Sudden changes in wind direction and
speed can have devistating effects on the awning. Automatic wind and rain sensors
are available for motorized units and we strongly recommend budgeting for these
options when planning your retractable awning purchase.
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